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We install Wood Burning, Gas, & Pellet Stoves throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to San Francisco and Santa Barbara to Sacramento including Lemoore CA, Porterville CA, Concoran CA, Avenal CA, Turlock CA and more.

Stoves - Fresno CA - Porterville CAThe beautiful and efficient wood, gas, and pellet stoves that we offer and display in our renowned showroom are far superior to those used in former times. They are no longer strictly old-fashioned appliances. Comparing them, today’s wood stoves in particular:

  • Use 1/3 less firewood to produce the same amount of heat,
  • Are 50% more energy efficient,
  • Produce 70% fewer pollution particles both indoors and outdoors,
  • Are more convenient to use,
  • Cut energy costs, and
  • Reduce the amount of creosote buildup in chimneys, which reduces the risk of a house fire.

Modern wood stoves make use of advanced technology and provide numerous benefits. Besides the fact that some are useful as a kitchen range with full-sized ovens, see many other benefits of wood stoves below:

Different Fuel Options

You can choose the type of fuel that best suits your preferences and lifestyle, whether wood, gas, or pellet. Each type has its own advantages.

Gas Stoves

  • Ultra-convenient
  • Cleanest fuel type
  • Work without electricity
  • Operate with a remote control or thermostat

Wood Stoves

  • Create the ambiance and natural aroma that accompanies wood-burning
  • Use a sustainable natural resource
  • Work without the need for electricity
  • No need to use fossil-fuel products such as gas or oil

Pellet Stoves

  • Burn wood pellets made with resources that would otherwise be thrown out
  • Produce the least amount of pollution
  • Extremely convenient
  • Simple to use
  • Provide many hours of heat (up to 36) with no stoking or anything else needed
  • Economical Heating

Stoves can be installed in rooms throughout your home. A chimney is not required, and these appliances can be safely used near combustible materials, such as sheetrock walls. You can cut your heating costs drastically by zone heating, which means to warm only the rooms that are in use.

Many Attractive Styles

Beautiful wood, pellet, and gas stoves come in a wide range of styles; and you can find a stove that looks perfect in your home, whether your décor is elegant, traditional, modern, or rustic. The stoves also come in many different sizes. They can be made with cast iron, steel, or soapstone. Stoves can be top-loading, front-loading, or side-loading.

Cooking Stoves

We also sell and install wood burning, gas, & electric cooking stoves from Heartland Appliances. These classic appliances combine functionality & convenience with the nostalgic beauty and craftsmanship of days gone past. Every cooking stove, we sell is built to the highest industry standards and will last for generations. Get a perfectly cooked meal every time with one of our top-of-the-line cook stoves.

Stove Installations - Fresno CA - Sacramento CA

Environmentally Friendly

No matter what fuel type you choose, our stoves meet strict EPA2 standards which are required in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout many regions of California . Using any of our stoves to heat your home is a great way to go green.

Stop by our huge showroom, and our friendly staff will help you with all of your questions and will show you the various types of stoves. We can professionally install your new stove and help you with easy annual maintenance.

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