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Pellet Stoves

Our team of skilled professionals install Pellet Stoves throughout Central California, in towns like Fresno, Kerman CA, Selma CA, Hanford CA, Chowchilla CA, Santa Clarita CA, Bakersfield CA, Turlock CA, and more!

Pellet Stoves - Fresno CA - Clovis CAIf you like warming by a wood-fueled fire with a view of the flames, but want to enjoy saving money and protecting the environment just as much, a pellet stove may be ideal for you. Pellet stoves are the number one eco-friendly option for heating your home. You can count on cutting your utility costs, if you heat your home using one or more of these smart appliances. Tack on ultimate convenience and the fact that there are many attractive styles to choose from, and it’s easy to see that when you decide to install a pellet stove, you have made a great decision.

Cut utility costs

Pellet stoves are highly efficient with combustion efficiencies as high as 90%. The intelligent design of these appliances results in the ability to lower your heating costs. If you install pellet stoves in rooms throughout the house and practice zone heating, you will enjoy even more significant savings on utilities.

How pellet stoves work

All of the fireplaces, stoves, and fireplace inserts that we sell are highly efficient; and they all meet the strict EPA2 standards required in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout many regions of California. Pellet stoves, however, are the most efficient of all. What makes them different is the way they operate.. Compressed, very low-moisture pellets that are made of wood waste are poured into a hopper and slowly feed into a burn pot or combustion chamber. A venting system, which requires a small amount of electricity, pulls cool air from the room and into the burn pot and blows heated air back into the room.  The wood aroma created by pellets is equal to burning logs.


There are many different elements of convenience to a pellet stove, for example:

  • No chimney is required for installation. A vent pipe is all that is needed, and it can be installed either horizontally through an exterior wall or up through the ceiling and roof.
  • You are burning wood but don’t have to deal with storing logs or possibly bringing bugs and rodents into your home along with the logs.
  • Pellets come in 40-pound bags and can be neatly stacked for storage.
  • Depending on the size of your hopper and the setting on your stove, you can load the pellets and enjoy heating with no other steps needed for up to 36 hours.
  • With some models, you can control the heat from a pellet stove with a thermostat or remote control.
  • With no creosote build-up caused by pellet stoves, it is easy to clean and maintain the stoves and vents.

Enerzone Pellet StoveEnvironmentally friendly

Using a pellet stove truly is the top environmentally friendly choice. The stove burns wood pellets made from sawdust, wood chips, and bark, which means that using a pellet stove does not contribute to deforestation. The compressed pellets burn cleanly and thoroughly, and the heat that is produced warms the room instead of escaping through vents. To top it off, a pellet stove causes less pollution than any other heating method.

Attractive Styles

Pellet stoves come in a wide range of sizes and styles and look beautiful in any type of décor. Our friendly staff will answer all of your questions when you visit our huge showroom, where many pellet stoves are on display.

While pellet stoves are easy to operate and offer plenty of convenience, it all starts with all-important professional installation. Contact us today for a professionally installed pellet stove so that you can start enjoying the benefits of the most eco-friendly heat source in your own home.

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