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Gas Stoves

Our highly trained & skilled technicians install Gas Stoves throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Visalia CA, Tulare CA, Coalinga CA, Mendota CA, Salinas CA, Santa Maria CA, Lompoc CA, and San Luis Obispo.

Gas Stove Installation in Fresno CAIf ultimate convenience & live, flickering flames are an important aspect of home heating, a free-standing gas stove is the perfect heating appliance for you. Gas stoves are standouts among the most popular heating units that we sell, and that is probably because of their combined convenience and efficiency. The appliances we sell are efficient enough to meet the strict EPA2 standards that are mandatory in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout many regions of California. Gas stoves add the same kind of warmth and charm that can be enjoyed with a fireplace in your home, and yet a chimney is not necessary. Add versatility to the list of great qualities in a gas stove.

Number One in Convenience

What can be more convenient than a warming fire that you start by flipping a switch, using a remote control, or merely adjusting a wall thermostat? Free-standing gas stoves provide the ambiance of a cozy fire but without the need to chop, haul, split, or stack loads of firewood. The fuel gas stoves use is either natural gas or liquid propane gas. No ashes are produced and there is virtually no cleanup involved. Gas doesn’t cause a buildup of creosote, either.

Cut Energy Costs

You can install gas stoves in any room of your home because they can be vented either horizontally through an exterior wall or vertically through the ceiling and roof. This means you can zone heat your home, rather than warming the entire house when only a room or two at a time is needed. The efficiency of a gas stove can be as much as 80%, which means rooms are heated quickly. Only a few square feet of space are required, and some models of gas stoves can be installed directly on hardwood floors.

Many Styles and Models

Gas stoves are available in many styles, colors, and sizes; and there is model that will fit with your home décor. The beautiful styles of stoves we offer are made of cast iron, stone, or steel. Check out the gas stoves at our enormous showroom, which people visit from hundreds of miles around.

Gas Stove Installations near Fresno CA - San Jose CAReliable

In a power outage, you won’t have to worry about how to keep warm. Gas stoves work even when the lights go out, as long as your appliance is hooked up to a supply of natural gas or liquid propane.

Environmentally Friendly

Did we mention that gas stoves are eco-friendly? Burning gas produces lower emissions than burning wood, which explains why gas does not create a dangerous buildup of creosote in the venting system.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule professional installation of a gas stove so you can start enjoying all of the desirable qualities of the most convenient type of stove available.

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