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Cooking Stoves & Refrigerators

We install Cook Stoves & Refrigerators from the Bay area and CA coast to the Sierra Nevada Mountains including Fresno, Clovis CA, San Francisco CA, Santa Barbara CA, San Luis Obispo CA, Monterey CA, Carmel CA, Santa Maria CA and more.

Heartland Cook Stoves - Fresno CA

Enjoy the modern performance of a modern, efficient kitchen appliance while getting the beauty & appearance of yesteryear. Fireplaces Plus offers Heartland Kitchen Appliances, including cooking stoves & refrigerators. These classic appliances combine functionality & convenience with the nostalgic beauty and craftsmanship of days gone past. Heartland appliances are made in the USA, and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Greenville, Michigan. Each and every cooking stove, range & refrigerator is built to the highest industry standards and will last for generations.

Stop by our showroom in Clovis, CA just outside of Fresno to view a wide selection of wood burning, gas, and electric cooking stoves and refrigerators. Speak with one of our professionals to find an appliance that offers the beauty you desire with the functionality you require.

Cooking Stoves

Cook stoves have been heating homes, warming water, and cooking meals for more than a century. Modern units offer the same dependability & versatility, but with modern conveniences that will make your life easier. From dual fuel ranges, to gas & electric cooktops, and of course traditional wood burning cook stoves, you’ll find exactly what you need at Fireplaces Plus.

There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of food prepared in a wood burning cook stove. Meals are cooked to perfection every time! Modern units allow you to operate the oven & stove while maintaining a precise cooking temperature; something that is much easier with today’s technology compared to models from the past.

Heartland Refrigerator

Photos of Heartland Appliances in our showroom.

Some units even offer an optional copper water reservoir with a tap to quickly and easily heat hot water and provide humidity for your home. We also have units that can effectively heat up to 1,800 square feet!  Or, choose a hot water jacket which can boil up to 40 gallons of water in an hour when the stove running at full operation.


We offer French door and single door Heartland refrigerators which all offer large capacity and a long list of convenient features. Each Heartland Classic Refrigerator features flexibility, style, & freshness. Adjustable door bins, humidity control, and a vast amount of storage baskets keep fruits & vegetables crisper and food fresher.

To view the beauty and performance of each of these units, visit our showroom. Our friendly staff is here to direct you to the perfect kitchen appliance that will offer both style & service.

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