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Leaky Chimney

We repair leaky chimneys throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to Tulare CA, Coalinga CA, Mendota CA, Los Banos CA, Dinuba CA, Parlier CA, Lemoore CA, Porterville CA, and more!

Leaky Chimney Repair - Fresno CAMoisture is the most destructive force that comes against a chimney. When a chimney is properly built, it’s watertight. There are, however, many ways in which moisture can get into the chimney system. A leaky chimney can be caused by such things as faulty construction, damaged mortar, a cracked chimney crown, and the lack of a chimney topper or chimney cap. The flashing around a chimney can also cause leaks that result in costly damage. No matter what type of moisture damage there is, the cost of chimney leak repairs typically gets higher, the longer the problem goes unresolved. It’s important to take care of any issues caused by chimney leaks immediately to prevent further damage.

The following are some of the common causes of chimney leaks:


Without a chimney cap or rain shroud, water can fall down the chimney opening and cause damage. Water coming into the chimney system can result in a rusted damper, damaged flue lining, and rusted firebox. The fireplace can release strong odors due to moisture, when it’s warm outside. Installing a chimney cap will prevent this problem.

Damaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown covers the top of the masonry and provides a waterproof seal around the flue. Constructed of cement, the chimney crown can crack as a result of the structure shifting, age, or wear caused by time or harsh weather conditions. Even if there is a small crack in the crown, it can cause costly damage. It may be possible to effectively seal hairline cracks; but at that point, replacement of the crown is inevitable.

Damaged Flashing

Chimney Leak Repair - Fresno - Clovis CAFlashing is comprised of the metal pieces at the bottom of the chimney, and it is supposed to form a watertight connection between the roof and the chimney. Flashing can deteriorate rapidly, however, exposing the home to leaks that create the need for costly repair.  Proper installation of flashing can be difficult to achieve, and leaks are sometimes caused by faulty installation. Because leaks caused by flashing are common, we suggest that homeowners routinely check the attic for signs of a chimney leak.

Damaged Mortar

Stone and brick masonry can last a century, but mortar typically lasts about 25 years at most. When mortar deteriorates, water can get into the masonry and cause damage. Once stones or bricks begin flaking, cracking, and breaking, the chimney structure can lean or collapse. White staining on the exterior of the chimney called “efflorescence” can also occur as a result of moisture; it depends upon whether there is salt in the masonry.

We recommend getting annual chimney inspections not only for safety reasons but also to ensure that there are no leaks in the chimney system.  Contact us today if you need us to fix a chimney leak or inspect your chimney for signs of moisture damage.

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