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Fireplace Inserts

Our team of hearth experts installs Fireplace Inserts from the Bay area to the Sierra Nevada Mountains including towns like Fresno, Kerman CA, Selma CA, Hanford CA, Chowchilla CA, Monterey CA, and Carmel CA and the surrounding areas.

Fireplace Inserts - Fresno CA - San Jose CACozying up to a lit fireplace is no doubt the most popular way to warm up when the weather is chilly. A fireplace is a source of enjoyment also because it adds character and warmth to a home unlike anything else. But what about heating efficiency? It’s true that traditional open hearth fireplaces are not very practical as a major heating source; but with a fireplace insert installed, it becomes highly efficient and has many remarkable benefits. Anyone who has a fireplace and would like to use it but would also like to cut energy costs and be as environmentally friendly as possible should know that a fireplace insert is the answer. Get all the beauty of a traditional fireplace and lower your heating bills at the same time with a fireplace insert.

What is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is an appliance specifically designed to be installed inside of a stone masonry or factory-built fireplace. Typically constructed with cast iron or heavy steel, inserts include glass doors which provide a view of the fire, keep the fire contained, and create an environment in which wood burns more completely.

Fireplace inserts are available in a wide range of models, in addition to burning different types of fuel. Spend some time in our famous showroom, where you can get a good look at the many different styles of fireplace inserts. Whether installed inside a masonry fireplace or in a factory-built fireplace, the inserts we sell can be the perfect stylish addition to any room.

Types of Fuel

Fireplace inserts burn different types of fuel. Simply choose a model that best suits your needs or preferences.

  • Wood – You can enjoy the pleasure of wood-burning and at the same time meet EPA requirements for our service area. All of our appliances, including wood-burning fireplace inserts, are EPA2-approved, which is a mandatory feature for homeowners in the San Joaquin Valley and many areas throughout California.
  • Gas – The most convenient type of fuel source to use for a fireplace insert is gas. Start the fire by simply flipping a switch; and control the temperature in the room with ease, as well.
  • Pellets – The efficiencies of burning pellets can be as high as 80%. A pellet insert provides greater convenience than those that burn logs.

Lower Heating Costs

You can use fireplace inserts as your primary heat source and drastically cut your energy costs. An effective strategy is to zone-heat, which means you heat only the rooms that need to be heated. Because fireplace inserts are zero-clearance appliances, it’s entirely practical to install them in virtually every room of your home. One of the primary purposes of a fireplace insert is to do an effective job of providing heat. Another great benefit of a fireplace insert is that it helps protect the environment. Traditional open hearth fireplaces usually have an efficiency rating of only up to 10% because most of the heat goes up the chimney. Fireplace inserts, on the other hand, achieve heating efficiency numbers more like 65% up to 80%, depending on the type of fuel used.

Help the Environment

Whether you choose a fireplace insert that burns wood, gas, or pellets, using your EPA-certified appliance will leave a very small environmental footprint. Some models even reduce wood-burning emissions to almost zero.

Fireplace Inserts Installations near Fresno CA

You can see several working fireplace inserts in our 4000+ sq. ft. showroom.

Save Money by Avoiding a Rebuild

No need to do a rebuild on a deteriorating fireplace. Instead, contact our professionals, who will help you choose a fireplace insert and will install it for you. The cost of a fireplace insert plus installation is a fraction of the cost of rebuilding a chimney and fireplace.

If you aren’t sure whether your fireplace or chimney needs to be replaced, the following conditions are signs that they may need to be either repaired or rebuilt – or you could save money by opting to install a fireplace insert, instead:

  • If there are missing mortar joints in the chimney and lots of cracks in the fireplace, your home could be vulnerable to catching fire when you use the fireplace.
  • If the chimney is backdrafting and efforts to fix it so that venting works properly fail.
  • If you see bricks or bits of masonry on the roof or the ground around the chimney, it could mean that the chimney is deteriorating.
  • If there are water leaks in the home around the chimney area.
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