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Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Our fireplace experts install Pellet Fireplace Inserts for customers in Central California, including Fresno, Clovis CA, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Carmel CA, Salinas CA,  and the San Luis Obispo area.

Pellet Fireplace InsertsIf you need to update your fireplace due to EPA requirements or to save costs on needed repairs, getting a pellet fireplace insert installed may very well be the smartest option.  In our service area, fireplaces are required to be converted into high-efficiency units; all appliances we sell meet the stricter EPA2 standards which are mandated in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout many regions of California.  With a pellet fireplace insert, you can enjoy a heat source which creates extremely low emissions.  In addition, a pellet fireplace insert produces the greatest output of heat compared to other types of fireplaces or wood stoves.  You even get the pleasure of watching the flames as you warm by the fire.  Actually, the benefits and conveniences of a pellet fireplace insert abound.

Minimal Environmental Impact

The pellets burned in a pellet fireplace insert are made with recycled wood products, such as wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, and bark — they, therefore, make zero contribution to deforestation.  The efficiency of a pellet fireplace insert can exceed 80%, which is remarkable, especially compared to a traditional open hearth fireplace, which has an efficiency rating of only about 10%.  When you heat with a pellet insert, it’s very possible that you may not have to rely on other energy sources to heat your home.  The recycled wood products are highly compressed to form small wood pellets about one inch in length; they look similar to rabbit food.  There is very little moisture in wood pellets, which makes them extremely clean-burning.  As mentioned above, a pellet fireplace or stove is so efficient that it produces less pollution than any other heating method.


If you have always enjoyed burning wood but have not liked all of the hassle involved with maintaining a supply of seasoned wood and keeping a fire going, a pellet fireplace insert may be perfect for you.  Pellet fuel comes in 40-pound bags which are convenient to store because they stack compactly.  Not only do you avoid the need to cut and store logs, you also avoid the possibility that you will bring unwanted insects into your home.  When you light a pellet fireplace, you begin by feeding wood pellets into the hopper.  The larger your hopper, the longer the fire can burn with virtually no need to do anything else at all – up to about 36 hours, in fact.  The pellets feed automatically into the combustion chamber at the speed you set – faster for hotter fires and slower for less heat.


A pellet insert doesn’t release combustion gases in the same way a typical fireplace does.  Instead, air from the room is pulled into the combustion chamber to create even burning and then the heated air circulates into your home by way of a convection blower.  Vent piping runs the length of your chimney.  A very small amount of electricity is required for a pellet insert, because of the blower.

Pellet Inserts near Fresno CA - Mercer CA

Pellet fireplace inserts can be regulated with remote control or you can set the temperature you want with a thermostat.  You can “set and forget,” since the pellet insert is so efficient and reliable.  Best of all, you can expect your heating bill to be a lot easier on your wallet.


Pellet fireplace inserts are truly and stylishly beautiful; and you don’t sacrifice the best part of a fireplace, which is watching the flames.  We have pellet fireplaces in a wide variety of styles and colors.  There are elegant designs, rustic designs, contemporary, traditional, and more.

Pellet Burning Fireplace Inserts
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