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Hearth Pads

Residents throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to San Francisco and Santa Barbara to Sacramento including Clovis CA, Kerman CA, Selma CA, Hanford CA, and Chowchilla CA turn to us for a full selection of Hearth Pads.

Hearth Pads Fresno CA - Clovis CAWood, pellet, gas, and coal stoves all expel a lot of heat which could ignite nearby combustible materials. Because of this, they should not be sat directly onto a wood or carpeted floor. Instead, they must be placed on a properly sized non-combustible surface, otherwise known as a hearth pad.

Here at Fireplaces Plus, we always recommend professional installation of stoves to ensure their safe operation, and this includes the installation of a suitable hearth pad. Each unit will have a manufacturer’s specification for the minimum R-value (resistance to heat flow) and the minimum size of a hearth pad required.

Pellet & wood stoves produce the most heat and will need a heavy duty hearth pad. On the other hand, gas units don’t project much heat to the floor and their specifications typically state that the hearth pad simply needs to be a non-combustible material such as glass, metal, or certain types of tile.

No matter what you need, Fireplaces Plus offers hearth pads in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. We can even custom design your hearth pad to meet your exact specifications. Hearth pads are made from brick, fireproof ceramic, stone, porcelain, slate, and a combination of materials.

Whether you want your hearth pad to blend in or act as a beautiful decorative accent, you’ll find what you need at Fireplaces Plus near Fresno, CA. Mosaic, two tone, or even solid designs are available so that you can easily find a hearth pad that enhances your home décor. Contact our friendly professionals today to find out how we direct you to the perfect hearth pad for your needs and appliance.

Stove Hearth Pads - Fresno CA

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