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Gas Log Sets

Our fireplace experts install beautiful & realistic Gas Log Sets for homeowners across the Bay area & the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Fresno to Clovis CA, Merced CA, Kerman CA, Hanford CA, and even Santa Maria CA, Lompoc CA, and the greater San Jose area.

Gas Log Set Installation near Fresno CADo you miss out on the joy of watching flickering flames in the fireplace because chopping, hauling, and storing logs just isn’t for you? A cozy fire in the fireplace is often a favorite gathering place in the home, and there is no need to let your fireplace go to waste. Gas logs provide the ambiance of a roaring fire without the hassle that goes along with wood burning. Decorative log sets come in many varieties. Our customers are often surprised at how inexpensive it can be to install realistic, decorative logs in their existing fireplaces.

The natural gas or liquid propane gas utilized by gas logs is clean-burning, and gas logs are an efficient and environmentally friendly choice, that are ultra-convenient and easy to use.

Faux Wood Choices

Besides the realistic design of the faux firewood in gas log sets, various styles are created. You can choose a set that looks like a campfire or go with the more traditional appearance of cedar or large oak logs. Choose gas log sets that look like birch, walnut, or driftwood. The wood is molded to include all the natural details in logs, including knotholes, natural bark patterns, forked branches, and ax marks. The logs are situated on a burner system complete with glowing embers.


Have your gas logs installed by our professionals, and you will soon be able to enjoy cozy fires in your home with remarkable simplicity. Simply flip a switch, operate a remote control, or light a single match to begin enjoying your realistic gas log set.

Vented Gas Logs

The most common gas logs are vented gas logs, which produce a dramatic and realistic flame but require opening the fireplace damper. As beautiful as vented gas logs are, they are useful for decorative purposes only, since the heat almost entirely goes up the chimney. On the upside, very little creosote is produced. Your chimney will stay cleaner far longer than if you were burning real logs. In addition, you don’t have to deal with smells emitted by soot and creosote during summertime.

Vent-free Gas Logs

Because of restrictive building codes in many areas of the state, vent-free gas logs are not always approved for installation. The beauty of vent-free gas logs is that they do provide some warmth from the flames because the fireplace damper stays closed, keeping cold air drafts out and sending the heat into the room rather than up the chimney.  These kinds of gas logs can be installed in a regular fireplace or in a pre-fabricated vent-free firebox.

Don’t miss out on the enjoyment of your fireplace any longer. Contact us today to install a gas log set that suits your décor, or visit our huge showroom to see the many available styles before choosing the set that’s right for you.

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