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Wood Burning Fireplaces

We install wood-burning, zero clearance, and pre-fabricated fireplaces throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Los Banos CA, Selma CA, Dinuba CA, Salinas CA, Delano CA, Santa Maria CA, Sacramento, and more.

Wood Fireplaces near Fresno CA - Coalinga CAStrict wood-burning regulations do not hinder the potential to enjoy both a beautiful fireplace and the unbeatable woodsy scent of burning firewood. At Fireplaces Plus we specialize in building custom fireplaces, stone and brick facing, mantels and other surround components, and more. All of the many wood-burning fireplaces that we sell meet EPA2 standards, which is uniquely required in the San Joaquin Valley and in many regions throughout California. We are always happy to assist our customers with an efficient wood-burning fireplace, which is an upgrade that increases a home’s value and adds additional character and charm to a house.


Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to what many have come to understand, burning wood is actually an environmentally friendly method of warming your home because it is carbon neutral. Whether wood deteriorates naturally in nature or is burned in your fireplace, the same amount of carbon is released into the atmosphere. By using a wood-burning fireplace that passes standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, you ensure that wood is burned completely, which cuts down on the amount of combustion materials released up the chimney. Tree harvesting is now balanced with tree planting in such a way that wood will remain a sustainable source of energy. When comparing wood-burning to heating with natural gas, oil, and electricity, wood is the best way to go green.


There are high-efficiency fireplaces that can provide the warmth you need in your home. It is less expensive to use a wood-burning fireplace to warm your home than to rely fully on electricity provided by the power company, which is one of the primary reasons wood-burning fireplaces are growing in popularity. If you have property with trees, you can save even more money by cutting your own firewood.

Styles and Models

Besides building the fireplace or mantel and surround that matches your own preferences of design, we offer a huge selection of fireplaces in our showroom that people sometimes travel for many, many miles to see. You have the opportunity to see first-hand the wide range of styles and models of fireplaces that are available. Styles to choose from include looks that are traditional, modern, rustic, and elegant. There are also various sizes, colors, and heating efficiencies of fireplaces.

Wood Burning Fireplaces near Fresno CAZero-Clearance Fireplaces

If a fireplace wasn’t built into your home, no problem. You can still enjoy a crackling wood-burning fire in your home with a zero-clearance fireplace. These well-insulated appliances are built to burn wood while safely installed next to combustible materials. We can install a pre-fabricated fireplace in just about any room. Usually a wood-framed chimney chase is built to carry combustion materials outside, using a stainless steel chimney structure inside the chase. The chimney chase exterior can be sided to match the home, using whatever exterior treatment works best, such as stucco or stone masonry.

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