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Gas Fireplaces

We install Gas Fireplaces in Central & Southern CA from Fresno to San Francisco and Santa Barbara to Sacramento including Mendota CA, Los Banos CA, Dinuba CA, Parlier CA and more.

Gas Fireplace Installations near Fresno CA - Sanger CAA fireplace fueled with gas instead of wood offers the delight of watching a flickering fire and the comfort of heat for warmth except with much greater convenience.  No need to cut, split, or stack wood. No need to work on getting a fire started with kindling.  With a gas fireplace, you simply push a button or flip a switch to get the flames and the warmth started.  A gas fireplace gives you the opportunity to have the best of two worlds:  the old-fashioned pleasure of enjoying a fire together with advances in technology that equate to much improved efficiency, environmental friendliness, and convenience.  All of our fireplaces are EP Phase 2-approved, which is a requirement in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout many regions of California.

Styles and Features

The gas fireplaces on display in our huge showroom come in a wide variety of styles and offer many different features, as well.  You can choose an appliance that is best suited for your home’s interior, whether it is elegant, rustic, modern, or traditional.  Architectural features available for gas fireplaces include arched fronts; finishes of copper, brass, and nickel; screen doors, and much more.  You can individualize the look of your fireplace with a powder coat paint finish.  The fireplaces can be small, large, designed for placement in a corner, and made for zero-clearance installation (more about zero-clearance fireplaces below). Multi-function remote controls are available, which make it possible to adjust the height of the flames, heat output, intensity of accent lighting, and operation of the pilot light.  Our friendly staff is always happy to provide help in getting familiar with the many options for a gas fireplace, and you can count on all of your questions being answered.

Benefits of Zone-Heating

Are you interested in doing something about high heating costs?  A great strategy for lowering your energy bill is to use gas fireplaces to zone-heat the rooms that are in use.  Why heat every room in the house when it’s unneeded?  Remote and thermostatically controlled gas fireplaces make it easy to fire up the heat, whether in the den, kitchen, bedrooms, or even bathrooms.  Homeowners are able to maintain exactly the temperature they want in each room of the house.

Zero-Clearance Direct Vented Fireplaces

A gas fireplace can be safely used in just about any space if you get a zero-clearance direct vented model.  The insulated cabinet in a ZC fireplace provides the necessary protection to ensure safe usage, even if the fireplace is installed inches away from a combustible wall.  Zero-clearance fireplaces are sometimes vented on top, and sometimes in the back.  Either way, they utilize a co-axial pipe that can be installed to go outside through the side wall of the house or up through the ceiling and roof.  The co-axial pipe is a pipe inside of a pipe.  The inner pipe moves exhaust gases outside, and the outside pipe pulls combustion air into the firebox.

Built for Safety

The intelligent design of today’s gas fireplaces includes built-in safety features.  The safe and reliable performance of any of our gas fireplaces is assured because of such features as intermittent or standing pilot lights and sensors which detect heat, flame, and oxygen depletion in order to maintain reliable and safe performance.

Gas Fireplaces Fresno CA - Clovis CAAll That and More

If you have ever had a traditional fireplace, you know how messy it can be to deal with the ashes; and creosote is deposited in the chimney, which can start a fire.  With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry about all that grimy soot.  While it’s still important to have pipes inspected, you at least don’t have to deal with the buildup of flammable creosote or the dirty work of cleaning up ashes.

If the electricity ever goes out, you can still use your gas fireplace to keep warm.

A gas fireplace is an appliance that just makes a lot of sense.  Give us a call today so that we can get you started with the efficient heating uniquely provided by a beautiful gas fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces
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