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Electric Fireplaces

We sell & install Electric Fireplaces for residents throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Los Banos CA, Selma CA, Dinuba CA, Salinas CA, Delano CA, Santa Maria CA, Sacramento, and more.

Electric Fireplaces Fresno CA - Madera CAElectric Fireplaces allow you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a burning fire year round, without the hassle that accompanies wood burning or gas appliances. Modern technology has not only increased the variety of electric fireplaces available, but it has also brought about extremely realistic flames and log sets. Whether you are looking for a freestanding unit for zone heating or a cabinet-enclosed electric fireplace for a more traditional feel, you’ll find exactly what you need at Fireplaces Plus. We ever feature wall-mounted units that have an ultra-modern appearance and are great for homeowners that are tight on space.

Electric become a viable option when wood or gas is not practical. They are great for rooms where a traditional fireplace cannot be installed due to space or safety codes. Electric fireplaces also require absolutely no maintenance, so you will not have to worry about emptying ashes, chopping logs, or getting an annual inspection or cleaning. These ultra-convenient heating appliances are great for homeowners that want the atmosphere of a burning fire without the hassle of cleaning or maintenance.

Also, electric fireplaces can be enjoyed year round since they can run with or without heat. The realistic flame technology and the life-like logs will have your friends and family fooled as they enjoy the warm and cozy ambiance your electric fireplace or stove provides.

How Does an Electric Fireplace/Stove Work?

Electric Fireplaces utilize metal coils which heat up inside of the appliance. This generated warmth then gets pushed into the room by a fan, which is known as the blower motor. This motor runs quietly as it heats your room making this the perfect option for zone heating. Electric hearth appliances create a life-like dancing flame which gives off the appearance of a real wood-burning fireplace. They can be installed in any room since they don’t require venting and only need an electrical outlet to run.


These appliances only depend electricity to run, so the only installation requirement in a nearby electrical outlet. Installation is quick and painless. Simply bring your new electric fireplace home, then plug it into a wall outlet.Electric Fireplaces Fresno CA - Avenal CA In seconds, you will be enjoying the appearance of flickering flames and the warmth it gives off. Some electric units can even be mounted on a wall at eye level or in a custom made wooden cabinet, so speak with one of our fireplaces experts if you need a custom installation for your new electric fireplace.

Whether you need a freestanding electric fireplace unit or a wall-mounted fireplace design, you can choose from a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional and rustic. Stop by our showroom near Fresno, CA and check out our huge variety of electric fireplaces.\

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