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Fireplace / Stove Service

We service Fireplaces & Stoves throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Tulare CA, Coalinga CA, Mendota CA, Los Banos CA, Dinuba CA, Parlier CA, Lemoore CA, Porterville CA, Concoran CA, and more!

Fireplace Service Fresno CA - Los Banos CAOne of the best reasons to get an annual chimney inspection is to get the benefit of experts who know how to identify problems with the chimney system that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.  It’s hazardous to operate a damaged chimney, and repairing damage caused by moisture can be very costly.  The following are some of the guidelines we use to diagnose problems:

  • A smoky chimney is a clear sign that something is not functioning properly.  There are many possible causes of a smoky fireplace, and figuring out what is causing the problem can be a matter of trial and error.  There are times, however, when the cause of a smoky fireplace is obvious, such as if the damper won’t open all the way or the firewood being used is unseasoned.
  • If you see white staining on your chimney, it is a sure sign that there is moisture damage in the chimney.  The white staining is called ”efflorescence,” and it occurs when moisture permeates masonry that contains salt.
  • When the face of brick or stone pops or flakes off, it is evidence of moisture in the chimney system.  Freezing and thawing of the water in the masonry causes expanding and contracting that results in breakage.
  • Chimney leaks can be caused by faulty flashing, a cracked chimney crown, the lack of a chimney cap, deteriorating mortar in the masonry, and more.
  • If a gas appliance is not working properly, we check the gas line, firebox, blower fan, ignition system or pilot light, and thermocoupler.
  • If a fireplace is not working properly, potential problems with the chimney are checked; and we affirm whether the fireplace is being used properly, such as using a fireplace grate and regularly cleaning out ashes.
  • If a pellet stove is not working properly, we check various components of the appliance.  Is the heat exchanger coated in ashes?  Are the gaskets seated properly?  Is there a buildup of ash in the flue?

Contact our chimney sweeps today for help diagnosing and repairing problems with your chimney and heating appliances.

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