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Chimney Liner

Chimney Liner Installation near Fresno CA - Visalia CA

We install Chimney Liners and offer Chimney Relining Services for residents in Central and Southern California including towns like Fresno, Visalia CA, Tulare CA, Coalinga CA, Mendota CA, Los Banos CA, Dinuba CA, Parlier CA, Lemoore CA, and the surrounding communities. Contact our chimney professionals today to schedule your chimney liner replacement!

All chimneys today have a liner or “flue,” and it is an essential safety component. Wood-burning fires produce gases, smoke, creosote, toxic carbon monoxide, and unburned wood particles, all of which ideally exit through the flue; some of the combustion materials adhere to the lining. If there is a flaw in the liner, even a small crack or tear, the combustible parts of your home become exposed to toxic fumes and extreme heat that can cause a house fire. Damaged chimney liners must be completely replaced, to ensure the safe use of your fireplace or wood stove. We offer flexible steel chimney liners, which can be expected to last for the life of the chimney. Steel liners are an excellent investment to keep your chimney in great working order for a fraction of the cost of installing a clay tile liner or cast-in-place liner.

Four common reasons chimney liners need to be replaced:

  • The original chimney liner in most chimneys is constructed of clay tiles because tiles are the least expensive material to use for that purpose and yet are extremely durable, lasting up to 50 years. The tiles eventually deteriorate; when that happens, a new chimney liner is needed.
  • There are times when the chimney lining is not built properly, in which case cracks and deterioration of the flue occur more quickly.
  • When the house settles, it creates cracks in the flue.
  • Another reason a liner may need to be replaced is as a result of a chimney fire. When a chimney is not cleaned regularly or properly maintained, highly flammable creosote deposits which build up in the lining can catch fire. Chimney fires are extremely hot, and it is not unusual for mortar to melt, tiles to crack, and liners to collapse altogether, leaving the entire home vulnerable to the fire’s heat.

Chimney Liner Installation near Fresno CA - Tulare CAWhether due to poor construction, a chimney fire, or deterioration that occurs over time, there comes a point in the life of every chimney when the flue must be replaced.

While clay tiles are an excellent choice when a fireplace is being constructed, it is highly cost prohibitive to replace a damaged flue with tiles because it requires an excessive amount of de-construction and rebuilding to get the job done.

We offer and recommend stainless steel flexible liners. Flexible metal chimney liners are the most practical and most popular option for replacing a chimney liner. Steel liners are the most durable and often come with a lifetime warranty, when professionally installed. A flexible steel liner is installed inside the existing damaged liner and is able to withstand harsh materials, gases, and extreme temperatures.

Contact our chimney sweeps today for a chimney cleaning, inspection, or chimney liner replacement. Our chimney liner installation service and our chimney relining service will extend the useful life of your chimney and ensure safe operation during the busy burning season.

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