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Chimney Fans / Dampers / Venting Solutions

We install Chimney Fans, Dampers & Venting throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to San Francisco, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Santa Clarita CA, Bakersfield CA, Monterey CA and all surrounding areas.

We feature Enervex ( formerly Exhausto ) energy saving, venting design solutions at Fireplaces Plus. These products have long been known as the best and safest venting solution available. They offer a wide selection of fans for both gas and solid fuel chimneys, stoves and fireplace systems. Custom products are perfect for venting of wood or pellet burning appliances, pizza ovens, BBQ’s, stoves and commercial applications.

Enervex chimney fans were chosen to be used on the 6 masonry chimney systems at the Whitehouse! They are also used extensively in many National brands of restaurants and hotels. Even Disney World and Disneyland chose these top-of-the-line fans for their facilities. Your business or home deserves these quality products that offer safety and energy savings too.


Smokey fireplaces and stoves are a thing of the past with a chimney and fireplace fan by Enervex. State of the art dampers will allow for the best possible air flow and burn efficiency. Controls for fans and modulating dampers make it easy to create the perfect drafting for your appliance. These products are energy efficient and can provide real monetary savings and a more environmentally sound use of resources.

Complete venting solutions like the IntelliDraft system can be included in new construction installations or easily added to a retrofit install. This system quietly maintains a safe draft for the fireplace while it protects against dangerous chimney downdraft. Safety, energy savings and state-of-the-art design all rolled into the perfect solutions for gas fireplaces and appliances.

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