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Chimney Chase Top

We install & repair Chimney Chase Tops and Chimney Chase Covers in the Greater Fresno area, including towns like Clovis CA, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Kerman CA, Selma CA, Hanford CA, Chowchilla CA, Visalia CA, and more!

Chimney Chase Top Installation near Fresno CA - Sanger CAA chimney chase cover is the chimney cap for a wood-framed chimney chase that typically comes with pre-fabricated fireplaces and wood stoves. The chase may be finished with siding or brick. The cover, which is a necessity, is similar in appearance to a shoe box lid. The most important function of a chimney chase cover is keeping out moisture, but it also keeps out animals and debris.

It’s important to be aware of the expected life of a chimney chase cover. Pre-fabricated covers, particularly those that come with low-cost heating appliances, tend to rust quickly. The tiniest hole or gap in a chimney chase topper can cause serious water damage that creates the need for expensive repairs. Moisture in the chimney can cause problems such as rotting wood framing, mold, carbon monoxide leakage, sheet rock damage, and rusting of the firebox.

There are four types of chimney chase materials to choose from, and each has distinct benefits:Chimney Chase Top Installation near Fresno CA - Kerman CA

  • The least expensive chimney chase toppers are made with galvanized steel; but because they rust quickly, it is necessary to replace them after just a few years.
  • Stainless steel costs more than galvanized steel, but it is also the strongest type of material you can use for a chimney topper. A stainless steel chimney chase cover will never rust, and it never needs to be replaced.
  • Aluminum chimney tops do not rust, but they are not generally considered a good choice because the metal is too soft to fit this purpose.
  • The highest quality material for a chimney chase cover is copper. It is durable and adds to the beauty of a home’s exterior, but it is also the most expensive and is often cost prohibitive.

Rust on the sides of a chimney chase is a sign that the chimney chase cover is damaged and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. But don’t wait until you see rust. Contact our chimney professionals for a chimney chase top inspection, repairs caused by a damaged cover, and for chimney chase cover replacement and installation.

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