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Chimney Caps

We install & repair Chimney Caps throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to Clovis CA, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Dinuba CA, Parlier CA, and even Lemoore CA and the surrounding areas.

Chimney Cap Installation near Fresno CA - Clovis CAThe chimney serves a very important function, which is carrying hazardous combustion byproducts out of the home.  Without a chimney cap, the chimney can also leave your home vulnerable to moisture, animals, debris, and hot embers that could start a fire on your roof or nearby combustibles.  We believe that a chimney cap is the most important accessory you can purchase for your fireplace or wood stove, and yet it is among the least expensive.

A chimney cap, also called a chimney topper, covers the chimney opening and keeps unwanted materials and creatures from entering your chimney system.


Water is the biggest enemy your chimney has, creating problems that can cause your chimney and liner to rapidly deteriorate.  The effects of excess moisture in your chimney system can make it dangerous to use your fireplace or wood stove and can lead to costly repairs.  A chimney cap will help to prevent rain water from getting in, an important step in preventative maintenance.


Blockage in a chimney is very dangerous.  Besides causing smoke and gases to enter the home, there is the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly.

Chimney Cap Installation near Fresno CA - Merced CA

A chimney cap will prevent all of the common types of blockage, those being:

  • Animals such as squirrels and raccoons that seek the warmth of the chimney and oftentimes can’t get back out again
  • Birds that build nests
  • Leaves, twigs, and other items that can be blown into the chimney on windy days

Burning Embers

Chimney caps typically include a spark guard which will prevent hot embers from landing on flammable objects such as your roof or a nearby tree.  Embers can damage roofs and start house fires.


Chimney caps are also useful for preventing downdrafts by keeping crosswinds from entering your chimney.  Some models of chimney caps are specifically designed to improve drafting, as well.

Contact our chimney technicians today for installation of a chimney cap.  We have a wide selection to choose from and offer professional installation.

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