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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Tool Sets - Fresno CA - Clovis CAResidents from the Bay area & CA coast to the Sierra Nevada Mountains including towns like Fresno, Mendota CA, Los Banos CA, Dinuba CA, Lompoc CA, Santa Barbara CA, Santa Clarita CA, Bakersfield CA, and the surrounding areas turn to us for Fireplace & Hearth Accessories.

We offer a huge assortment of fireplace accessories, both functional and decorative. Fireplace Accessories not only add a decorative touch that will complete the look of your hearth, but they also act as functional aspects of your fireplace. For example, fireplace screens add a touch of class & beautiful to an open burning hearth, but they also keep sparks from flying out of your fireplace and igniting nearby objects or furniture. Not to mention, they keep little hands away from danger. Check out our full selection of fireplace & hearth accessories, or stop by our showroom to see them in person.

Besides the most common items which are listed below with more detail, we stock ash buckets, fireplace grates, trivets, hearth rugs, glass cleaner for gas and wood-burning equipment, andirons, wood storage racks, match holders, kettles, gloves, cleanout doors, pipe dampers, lock top dampers, and much more. If what you are looking for isn’t listed here, give us a call; there is a good chance we will have the desired item in stock.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens - Fresno CA

Fireplace screens are important safety barriers to contain the embers and sparks that pop out of fireplaces and wood stoves. Screens can be a perfect fit, or you can choose from a wide variety of styles and finishes. Screens can be arched or have triple panels or convex panels; or you can choose a flat metal screen. Screens are essential fireplace accessories that can also add the ideal decorative touch that completes the overall look of your fireplace.

Tool Sets

Tool sets have functionality and also provide an ornate display for your fireplace. Basic sets usually include tongs, a poker, a shovel, and a broom. You can choose from various finishes and styles, some of which are particularly ornate, with special plating or paint. Whatever set you choose will be a practical and attractive addition to your hearth.

Hearth Pads / Stove Boards

Hearth Pads - Fresno CA - San Jose CA

Proper installation of a wood stove or pellet burning appliance includes adequate protection for the floor, to prevent combustible materials from catching fire. We offer hearth pads and stove boards that go beyond function and add to the beauty of your heating system. Many sizes, shapes, and colors are available, including custom sizes. We can help you determine what size and style will best complement the overall appearance of your heating appliance.

Mantel Shelves

A fireplace mantel shelf can be a striking decorative feature that truly sets your hearth apart. Easy-to-install mantel shelves are available, and they provide the opportunity to display valued collections, family photos, plants, or whatever suits your taste. Prefinished mantels are available, or you can stain a mantel to match your home’s existing woodwork. Choose from many existing styles; or opt for a custom mantel, which is one of our specialties.

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

Increasing the energy efficiency of your fireplace can be as simple as installing fireplace doors. Many decorative designs are available which can provide an enhanced appearance for your fireplace, as well. Choose from tempered or ceramic glass, both of which will help prevent serious heat loss. When the fireplace is not being used, the doors help improve energy efficiency because they prevent air, whether warm or cool, from escaping up the chimney. We also offer replacement doors for zero clearance and masonry wood-burning fireplaces. If you need replacement doors for your direct-vented gas fireplace, we have a wide selection to choose from.

At Fireplaces Plus, we truly have an exciting array of fireplace appliances. Visit our huge showroom to see firsthand the numerous ways to deck out your fireplace.

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